CHET is a network organisation which, according to its mission statement, mobilises transdisciplinary skills for specific projects by tapping available expertise in the national and international higher education sector. The only full-time employee is Dr Nico Cloete (director). The participants can be divided between those who receive some form of remuneration, be it contract, commission or honorarium, and those who donate their time. The former group comprises administrative & technical Support, project coordination and paper writers. The latter are the advisory group members who comment and participate on specific projects. The rest of the network are the members of the policy/dialogue virtual community and the 500 to 1000 members of the higher education sector who annually attend seminars or meetings.

Governance oversight: Board


  • Dr Nico Cloete, CHET (Cape Town)

Administrative and Technical Support Secretarial

  • Eileen Arnold (CHEC, Cape Town)
  • Marlene Scheepers (CHEC, Cape Town)

Financial Statements & Administration

  • Marlene Titus (CHEC, Cape Town)
  • Kathy Graham (CHEC, Cape Town)
  • Ngubane and Co Inc (audit)


Information Technology

  • Len Lotz (Tenet, Cape Town)

Publications & Design


  • Tracy Bailey (Consultant)
  • Michelle Willmers (Consultant)


Event Organisation

  • Linda Benwell (Millennium Travel, Cape Town)
  • Letitia Barreto (Millennium Travel, Cape Town)

Project Administration

  • Angela Mias (Consultant, Cape Town)



1.Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network for Africa

1a. Higher Education and Development (HERANA)

Coordinating Group

  • Dr Nico Cloete
  • Prof. Teboho Moja
  • Prof. James Nkata
  • Dr Lidia Brito
  • Dr Esi Sutherland-Addy
  • Prof. Peter Maassen

Network secretariat/Management support structure

  • Project manager: Dr Nico Cloete
  • Project coordinator: Tracy Bailey
  • Project administrator: Angela Mias
  • Information technology: Tenet
  • Financial services: CHEC and Ngubane and Co Inc
  • Travel and workshops: Millennium
  • Publications: COMPRESS.dsl


1b. Higher Education and Economic Development

Senior researchers

  • Dr Pundy Pillay (Consultant, South Africa)
  • Prof. Peter Maassen (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Dr Nico Cloete (CHET)


  • Dr Gerald Ouma (CHET/University of the Western Cape)
  • Tracy Bailey (CHET)
  • Romulo Pinheiro (University of Oslo, Norway)

Research trainees    

  • Patricio Langa (University of Cape Town)
  • Biko Gwendo (University of the Western Cape)

Institutional contacts and facilitators

  • Prof. Esi Sutherland-Addy and Naana Agyeman (University of Ghana)
  • Dr Kishore Baguant (University of Mauritius)
  • Prof. Isaac Mazonde (University of Botswana)
  • Dr Florence Nakayiwa-Mayega (Makerere University)
  • Dr Daniel Mkude (University of Dar es Salaam)
  • Dr Charles Sheppard (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  • Patricio Langa (Eduardo Mondlane University)
  • Samual Kiiru (University of Nairobi)

International reviewers and contributors

  • Prof. David Dill and Dr James Sadler (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Dr Misug Jin (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training)
  • Prof. Timo Aarrevaara (University of Helsinki)
  • Prof. Johan Muller (University of Cape Town)

1c. Higher Education and Democracy

Senior researchers    

  • Prof. Robert Mattes (UCT Democracy in Africa Research Unit)
  • Prof. Njuguna Ng'ethe (Institute for Development Studies, Nairobi)
  • Dr Thierry Luescher (University of the Western Cape)


  • Kimberley Smiddy (UCT Democracy in Africa Research Unit)
  • Samuel Kiiru (University of Nairobi)

Research trainees    

  • Danga Mughogho (Centre for Democratic Development, Ghana)
  • Angolwisye Mwollo-Ntallima (University of Dar es Salaam)

International reviewers and contributors

  • Dr David Court (Consultant, Kenya)
  • Prof. Michael Bratton (Michigan State University)


1d. The Research-Policy Nexus

Senior researchers

  • Dr Harriet Deacon (University of Cape Town)
  • Tracy Bailey (CHET)


1e. Advocacy

Senior Advisors    

  • Prof. Teboho Moja (New York University)
  • Dr Esi Sutherland-Addy (University of Ghana)

Herana Gateway 

University World News Special Africa Editions

  • Karen MacGregor (University World News)
  • Mignon Hardie (E-Briefs)


  • CHET in consultation with Senior Researchers and Advisors


2. Performance Indicators

Project coordination    

  • Nico Cloete (CHET, Cape Town)

Institutional researchers     

  • Anthony Melck (University of Pretoria, Pretoria)
  • Arlindo Chilundo (Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique)
  • Daniel Mkude (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
  • Florence Mayega (Makerere University, Uganda)
  • Gerald Ouma (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
  • James Otiende (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Pieter Vermeulen (University of Pretoria, Pretoria)
  • Richard Neill (Tertiary Education Council, Botswana)

Project researchers    

  • Charles Sheppard (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth)
  • Gerald Ouma (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Ian Bunting (Cape Town)


3. Higher Education Masters in Africa (HEMA)

Grant Agencies

  • NORAD and NOMA Board (Norway)

Partner Institutions

  • North: University of Oslo (fund-receiving institution)
  • South: University of the Western Cape (coordinating body in network) and Makerere University (third partner)

Institutional responsibility


  • Harlem (Director)
  • Johansen (Central Institutional Contact)
  • Aukrust (Head of Department)
  • Maassen (Project Coordinator)


  • O'Connel (Rector)
  • Ridge (Central Institutional Contact)
  • Desai (Head of Department)
  • Cloete (Project Coordinator)


  • Nkatha (Project Coordinator)
  • Dr Barifaijo (Admin Coordinator)

NOMA Project Board (HEMA)

  • UWC: Prof. Cloete (Project Convenor)
  • Oslo: Prof. Maassen
  • Makerere: Prof. Nkatha
  • Oslo: Therese Uppstrøm (Project Coordinator)




  • Responsibility for project implementation and reporting (academic and administrative)
  • Approve all students and staff participating in NOMA

Head of Department/Dean

  • Prof. Desai (Overall accounting officer)

Project Coordinator

  • Prof. Cloete (Project implementation and reporting)

Post Doc

  • Dr Gerald Ouma (NOMA student liaison and coordination)
  • Thiery Luescher


4. Youth Project

Project management

  • Seamus Needham (UWC FETI)

Project Co-ordinating Group Chair   

  • Dr Nico Cloete (CHET)

Research Group

  • Nico Cloete (CHET)
  • Charles Sheppard (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  • Heather Nel (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
  • Rolf Stumpf (consultant)
  • Joy Papier (FETI)
  • Seamus Needham (FETI)
  • Murray Leibrandt (Saldru)