Programme: HERANA I

Phase 1 (2007–2011) of HERANA set out to investigate the relationship between higher education and development – economic and democratic – in Africa. Further information about these two research areas is accessible via the links below.

ADVOCACY: HERANA Phase 1 established a collaborative partnership with University World News to produce the UWN Special Africa Edition, and developed the specialised African higher education search engine, the HERANA Gateway.

PUBLICATIONS: This first phase of the HERANA project produced 60 publications covering topics in all the sub-projects. The publications include books, chapters in books, journal articles, reports and more. Click here for a full list of HERANA I publications.

EMERGING SCHOLARS: HERANA has enabled and supported the development of several scholars conducting research in the area of African higher education studies. Click here for a list of emerging HERANA scholars, including a list of each scholar's publications.

The following preeminent academics working in the field of higher education and development reviewed the work of HERANA Phase 1:

HERANA: Interview with project leader Prof. Nico Cloete.

In this video, the HERANA project leader Prof. Nico Cloete introduces the core aspects of the project.  He sheds light on the importance and novelty of HERANA and his experiences with working on the project.  Further, he gives his perspective on what has been the most interesting and surprising findings in the project: