Higher Education Transformation Dialogue

This project will identify reform issues closely linked to higher education transformation and will aim to facilitate informed debate as well as the dissemination of such debates. This project builds on the previous National and Regional Policy/Change Dialogues through:

  • building a larger and more diverse membership;
  • involving more partners in a wider range of settings; and
  • developing a planned link between research, data and advocacy across a number of countries in higher education in Africa.

Critical to the success of stimulating dialogue and debate on higher education is the delivery of relevant information to an active network on a regular and sustained basis. In order to achieve this, CHET has implemented the following strategies:

  • Investing in its website as a prime vehicle for information delivery. The website has been redeveloped to allow for regular and timely updates as well easy retrieval of information.
  • Regular publishing, both digitally and in print.
  • Publications in print are made available in bookshops and libraries, and can also be ordered via the CHET website.
  • All in-print books produced after 2003 are available as PDF downloads in full and free of charge from the CHET website. This supports CHET's commitment to open access publishing. It also ensures that no recently published book becomes unavailable when out of print
  • CHET maintains an active database of approximately 2 000 subscribers. Regular updates are sent to these subscribers via email.

Through CHET's Research on Higher Education and Development programme many of the above strategies will be developed further to reach an even wider and more diverse audience. In particular, HERANA will facilitate more powerful information retrieval and sharing across data sources through the development of an information gateway.

Promoting a Dialogue About Higher Education Transformation in South Africa Through a Collaborative Book Project

The main project goal is to continue CHET’s mission of stimulating debate and informing policy by producing data and analysis of higher education transformation during the post-2000 period through research and information-sharing networks. The project will focus on key reform areas, such as differentiation, equity, efficiency, quality, skills, knowledge and institutional culture. It is intended that it will inform academics interested in higher education studies and decision makers in institutions, government and the funding community. Strategic objectives are to:

  • Provide new data and an analytical record of the post-2000 reforms in higher education in South Africa that can inform academics and policy makers both inside and outside South Africa.
  • Distribute data and analysis via preliminary book chapters, think pieces on the web and University World News, and a book that can serve both as a reference and as a prescribed text for postgraduate higher education studies. 
  • Stimulate debate amongst academics, policy makers and implementers in higher education institutions, government and the funding community. 
  • Strengthen and expand the existing network of higher education experts in South Africa, East Africa and internationally.

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For further information, contact Nico Cloete.