Pathways through Higher Education Research

Pathways through Higher Education Research

This book is a festschrift for CHET Fellow, Peter Maassen, on his 60th birthday. But it is also about the maturing field of higher education studies, which only started to develop during the 1960s.

The book consists of 28 short chapters divided into four themes: higher education governance and reform; European integration in higher education; higher education in Africa; and education and research on higher education. In total there are 40 contributors, a mix of some of the world’s best known higher education researchers such as Van Vught, De Boer, Stensaker, Enders, Gornitzka, Teichler and Meek, as well as a number of younger scholars such as Langa, Wangenge-Ouma, Pinheiro and Jungblut (all of whom were influenced by Maassen in one way or another).

The book makes a number of connections between CHEPS (the first global higher education studies centre), CHET (most prominent centre in Africa), and the Universities of Oslo (Norway) and Western Cape (South Africa).

The South African launch of the book will be held on 21 November 2016 at Le Franschhoek Hotel as part of the HERANA seminar.

This is an open access publication: FULL TEXT PDF AVAILABLE.

Pathways through Higher Education Research: A festschrift in honour of Peter Maassen

Edited by Nico Cloete, Leo Goedegebuure, Ase Gornitzka, Jens Jongblut and Bjorn Stensaker

ISBN: 978-569-7044-5

Published June 2016 by the Department of Education, University of Oslo.