Generation J

Generation J

John Butler-Adam writes on the jobless generation ('Generation J') in the Leader of the South African Journal of Science, highlighting CHET's role in bringing the NEET crisis to the fore. He concludes:

"In 2009, CHET reported that 2.7 million young people between the ages of 18 and 24 were NEETs. The immensity of the problem was covered in the local and international press (including the New York Times). In 2011, the number of NEETs had grown to 3.2 million, by which time work was in progress on what was hoped would turn out to be a relevant Green Paper. Now, 4 years after the problem was identified and made public, nothing practical has been done by the Department of Higher Education and Training to implement current solutions. The numbers of NEETs continue to grow and there is nothing available to address the present problem. The solution proposed for the future will take, at best, many more months to finalise and a good number of years, and large sums of state funds, to implement.
So many years wasted; so many opportunities wasted. Time for the Ministry to focus more earnestly on the well-being of young people and the economy."

(Butler-Adam J. Generation J. S Afr J Sci. 2013;109[5/6])

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