CHET to host IPSP regional branch

CHET to host IPSP regional branch

The International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) was established in September 2015 in Istanbul to explore what social science can tell us about social change. 

IPSP’s aim is to focus attention globally on the policy and research questions related to the promotion of social justice. A strong message from the academic community on what can be done could constitute an important contribution. The IPSP will harness the competence of hundreds of experts on social issues and will deliver a report addressed to all social actors, movements, organisations, politicians and decision-makers, in order to provide them with the best expertise on questions that bear on social change.

For that purpose the Panel will produce a global report on the perspectives for social progress in the various regions of the world in the coming decades. Each chapter of the report will be led by two Coordinating Lead Authors who will supervise the preparation of a chapter co-signed by about ten Lead Authors from various disciplines and with different regional experiences. The report will be published in 2017. 

IPSP is guided by an Advisory Committee chaired by Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen, and managed by a distinguished Steering Committee which is advised by an international Scientific Council co-chaired by Nancy Fraser, Ravi Kanbur and Helga Nowotny.

The secretariat IPS is shared between Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris (Olivier Bouin) and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University (Marc Fleurbaey).

CHET’s role as a regional branch of the IPSP

  1. To serve as a communication hub – from South Africa to IPSP, and as a contact for colleagues, media and social actors in the region to source more information about IPSP.
  2. Utilise the CHET network to distribute drafts and solicit feedback as the report takes shape. This will be an important process for the success of the report. 
  3. Organise more formal seminars on topics directly related to the chapters. 
  4. In collaboration with University World News (with over 50 000 subscribers in 120 countries), will publish short articles about the activities of the IPSP and articles related to the research being done.
Forthcoming events:

Past events:

  • 18 February 2016, University of Oslo. The Panel’s work and its 2017 report will cover a large number of areas, including Education. The ‘education chapter’ of the 2017 report will be entitled “How Can Education Promote Social Progress?” One of the Lead Authors of the chapter, Professor Nico Cloete, University of Western Cape and CHET, South Africa, will present in this seminar the main debates, agreements and disagreements of IPSP’s working group on Education, bringing insights from the group’s second meeting, 10-12 February 2016, in Vienna. More information.  
  • March 2016, University of Cape Town. CHET in collaboration with SALDRU and the Department of Economics at the University of Cape Town is planning a seminar early March. The seminar will explore the issues in Chapters 3 and 19 of the report.
South African contributors to the report:
  • Nico Cloete. Director: Centre for Higher Education Transformation; Associate Professor: Department of Science and Technology and National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Stellenbosch University; Associate Professor: University of the Western Cape; Professor II: University of Oslo. Chapter 19: How Can Education Promote Social Progress? (Lead author)
  • Erika Kraemer-Mbula. Senior Lecturer & Research Fellow: Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, Tshwane University of Technology. Researcher: Department of Science and Technology and National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Stellenbosch University. Chapter 12: Varieties of Global Governance: Institutional and Distributional Effects of Globalization (Lead author)
  • Edgar Pieterse. University of Cape Town. Chapter 5: Cities (Coordinating lead author)
  • Kopano Ratele. Professor at University of South Africa; South African Medical Research Council. Chapter 15: The Paradoxes of Cultures, Values and Identities (Lead author)
  • Herman Wasserman. University of Cape Town. Chapter 13: Media and Communications (Lead author)
  • Ingrid Woolard. Professor, School of Economics, University of Cape Town. Chapter 3: Inequality and Social Progress (Lead author)

Contact information

For further information, email and subscribe to the CHET mailing list.