Performance Indicators in South African Higher Education 2000–2008

Performance Indicators in South African Higher Education 2000–2008
Summary Report
Ian Bunting, Charles Sheppard, Nico Cloete and Lisa Belding

Informed by the 1997 White Paper on Higher Education Transformation and the 2001 National Plan for Higher Education, CHET initiated a series of performance indicator studies in 2000. These studies contributed to the Department of Education’s steering mechanisms, involving planning and funding, to assist with the transformation of the public higher education system. If this process of steering by planning and funding is to function effectively, it is crucial that university councils understand what is implied by the Minister’s targets, and understand further how performance is assessed by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The profiles of South Africa’s 23 public universities and the peer comparisons presented in this publication are part of CHET’s on-going work on the measuring of performance within the South African government’s steering model of higher education governance. It is hoped that these performance profiles, and the associated database on the CHET website, will assist university planners and councils to make assessments that will contribute to evidenced-based management and governance.