CHET Higher Education Studies Resource Collection

CHET Higher Education Studies Resource Collection
CHET Higher Education Studies Resource Collection
15 titles repackaged and presented in a slipcase


Since 1998 the Centre for Higher Education (CHET) has published a range of publications that can be broadly classified into four categories or themes: (1) governance, (2) curriculum, (3) performance assessment and (4) globalisation. In the African context, this is a unique collection of 15 publications on higher education and the CHET Board felt that it should be more widely accessible to the higher education community in Africa.

Ford Foundation made a significant contribution to many of the CHET publications and the Carnegie Corporation provided a special grant that made it possible to reprint and distribute this valuable resource to libraries at universities and NGOs throughout Africa.




  1. Leadership and Institutional Change in Higher Education
  2. Effective Governance: A Guide for Council Members of Universities and Technikons
  3. Effective Financial Management: A Guide for the Members of Finance and Audit Sub-committees of the Councils of Universities and Technikons
  4. Strategic Planning: A Guide for Higher Education Institutions
  5. Student Representative Councils: A Guide to Developing a Constitution
  6. University and Technikon Councils: A Guide to Meeting Procedures
  7. A Guide to Student Services


  1. Diversity and Unity: The Role of Higher Education in Building Democracy
  2. Knowledge, Identity and Curriculum Transformation
  3. A Tale of Three Countries: Social Sciences Curriculum Transformations in Southern Africa

Performance Indicators in Higher Education

  1. Higher Education Transformation: Assessing performance in South Africa
  2. Developing Performance Indicators for Higher Education: A South African case study

Higher Education and Globalisation

  1. Challenges of Globalisation: South African debates with Manuel Castells
  2. Transformation in Higher Education: Global Pressures and Local Realities in South Africa
  3. GATS and Higher Education in SADC