African Universities Performance Indicator Data

African Universities Performance Indicator Data
A MANUAL on Collecting Academic Programme, Student and Academic Staff Data
Ian Bunting

CHET’s second project on cross-national higher education data was launched at the
end of 2011. The new project accepted, as the first project had, that information can
serve different purposes, and that different information systems could be designed for
securing different institutional goals and purposes. The new project also accepted that
the management of information could serve as an important signal of a university’s
degree of coherence or fragmentation. These signals emerged clearly from the
problems that had been encountered in the first collections of data from the selected
flagship universities.

CHET decided that the major focuses of this second cross-national project should
be on (a) resolving as many as possible of the problems encountered in the first project,
(b) updating and extending the first project’s indicator databases, (c) developing new
performance indicators and sharpening those appearing in each university’s academic
core, and (d) developing further the information-processing capacity of the participating

CHET decided further that to satisfy these four aspects, the outputs of the second
project would have to be supported by the following:

  1. definitions and descriptions of the use of the data concepts needed for performance measurement and for cross-national comparisons; and
  2. examples of the use of the data for performance measurement within individual universities.

This document is intended to serve as a manual which satisfies these two components.